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65 killed in Iran Plane Crash

18 Feb ,2018

A French-made ATR-72 owned by Iran's Ase

Iran: It was a another mishap that took place in Iran when a commercial aircraft crashed killing all the 65 passengers on board . The passengers included 59 travellers and 6 crew members. The real reason of this incident is not yet clear .The crash marks another fatal aviation disaster for Iran which was for years barred from buying the needed airplanes part for needed maintenance due to Western sanction over its contested nuclear plans. It is said that the aircraft was brought into use 7 years after being grounded. It crashed on Sunday in a foggy mountainous region in Southern Iran. 


8 month old girl child was allegedly raped by a 28 year old kin


New Delhi: The incident in the capital of India has put humanity to shame when a 8 year old new born child was raped by a man who called himself her relative.

It was brought to news that the baby’s parents were out for some work when this brutal incident took place. This incident indeed marks that humans are on the verge of turning into monsters without a sense of shame and guilt.

The child had to undergo a three hour surgery after which she was kept in the ICU. Doctors say she is stable.

The baby was brought severely wounded and bleeding, to the hospital on Sunday evening.

She was assaulted at her home in the west Delhi’s Subhash Nagar when her parents were out says the police.

When the mother, a domestic help returned, she found the baby crying on the bed covered with blood. The baby was taken to the hospital where it was confirmed that she was raped.

The family told the police that they had suspicion on the child’s cousin for doing so.

“ This man puts humanity to shame. Despite being  a father he did this,” said Swati Maliwal, who heads the Delhi Commission for Women.

She expressed her anger by tweeting that “ This is not the rape of eight-month-old child but the rape of the Delhi Women’s Commission”





Foreign Player keen on 49% Air India Stake: Aviation secy

thequint_2016-11_cbdff1c3-b00d-4deb-ad55-75fdc165b46a_Air India

A foreign player has shown his interest in acquiring the soon to be privatized Air India. Aviation secretary R N Choubey told TOI this company has given an “unsolicited expression of interest for AI’s airline arm.”

Singapore Airlines (SIA) is among the foreign players that are looking at AI’s disinvestment process with interest. Its JV airline with Tatas, Vistara, has an “open mind” for AI if it makes business sense. “SIA is very keen on AI,” said a person in the know.

Qatar Airways in line has for long aimed to start a domestic career in India and therefore had shown interest to pick up a stake in IndiGo. Unfortunately, the latter airline is currently showing interest in the Air India stockholding proposal.

Sources say at the moment, Tata-SIA and IndiGo are the main contenders for AI’s airline arm. Jet with its international partners like Air France-KLM is waiting for the fine print of what the government offers in AI divestment.


The sale is expected to be completed by the end of this year, before preparations for the next general election begins in full swing. The sale will be as per the SOEC clause. It states that even after being sold off, AI’s airline arm will continue to be substantially owned and controlled by the Indian partner. The SOEC clause means that foreign airlines have up to 49% stake in a JV Indian carrier with the Indian partner having at least 51% stake in it. This model is followed by both the Tata JV airlines where Singapore Airlines and AirAsia Berhad have 49% stake in Vistara and AirAsia India, respectively.


Roger Federer , the first man to win 20 slam titles


MELBOURNE: Roger Federer went for the far sideline on his second serve. It was match point. Marin Cilic put up his hand, challenged, but the ball was plum. Up went the Swiss’ arms, in victory, in celebration. As the sun set on Melbourne, a legend rose. Again.

The fairytale continues for us, for me. After the great year I had last year, it’s incredible,” Federer, holding the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup, said, before pointing at the crowd. “You make me feel nervous, you fill stadiums, you make it worthwhile, I want to thank you, it wouldn’t be the same without you. My team, my family I love you.”



 India marks 69th Republic Day with grand parade, Asean leaders attend as chief guest



New Delhi:  Marching contingents, defense equipments and show of diverse religions and multicultural diversity were on board which was attended by thousands of people along with ten Asean leaders who attended the event as chief guests, in a historic first.

Signifying India’s fast growing strategic ties with Asean, leaders of all the 10 countries of the powerful bloc attended the parade at the majestic Rajpath which showcased the country’s military might and cultural diversity.

Cold weather could not dampen the patriotic fervor of thousands of Indians who attended the grand ceremony who witnessed the one and half  hour long parade that marched down the eight-kilometer stretch from the Rajpath to the Red Fort.

The parade was commanded by Lt General Asit Mistry, General Officer Commanding, Headquarters Delhi Area. The supreme commander of the Indian armed forces president Kovind took the salute at the parade.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi also attended the parade.
He was seen sitting in the middle rows and chatting with senior Congress leaders and Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad.

India’s former prime minister  Manmohan Singh, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia were also present on the occasion.


Shiv Sena to go Solo in the 2019 elections, says Modi govt must be voted out


Mumbai:  The Shiv Sena, BJP’s oldest and atleast since 25 years its sturdiest ally announced on Tuesday to contest 2019 Lok Sabha and Maharashtra Assembly elections independent of BJP. While the Sena’s newly constituted national executive passed a resolution to this effect, Sena president Uddhav Thackeray urged Indians to pull down the Narendra Modi government in the next polls.
“This regime thrives only on hollow ad campaigns. It needs to be brought down,” Uddhav said at a party conclave that saw his son Aaditya (28) being elevated to the status of a ‘neta’ in the Sena.



Suicide bombing in Afghanistan, 11 dead and dozens left wounded


Kabul: Gunmen stormed off an office of Save the Children in Afghanistan on Wednesday, leaving 11 people dead and dozens wounded.

“ At around 9:10 am suicide attacker detonated a car bomb at the entrance of Save the Children’s compound in police district three of Jalalabad city”

Nangarhar governor spokesperson Attaullah Khogyani told AFP

“Kabul police forces were there to prevent a possible protest when a suicide bomber approached them and detonated his suicide vest,” Mr Mujahid said.

Isis has claimed responsibility for a number of similar attacks in Afghanistan over the past two years. It also claimed responsiblity for for the attack, saying it had killed or injured some 80 Afghan police and security people.


‘Patmaavat’ protesters burn tires ,creating a huge havoc in Vashi


Mumbai: A massive snarl stretched across both the sides of the busy Vashi toll plaza along Sion-Panvel after a few youth bloced vehicles with burning tires while shouting slogans against Padmaavat,the film due for release in a few days.

Navi Mumbai police along with fire brigades rushed to the area to clear the traffic which was held up for 25-min.

A Navi Mumbai based social worker, Sundeep Sharma, who was also caught up in the snarl, said: “At around 7.55 pm, my car was stuck in the traffic jam on the Vashi creek bridge. I could only see fire and smoke about 1 km ahead towards the toll plaza. It is unfair and wrong to harass motorists like this for nearly 20 to 25 minutes by illegally blocking the busy road which connects Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. If anyone wants to protest against any film, they should do so at the right forum and not hold us as hostages for their cause.”



CBSE students with Type-1 diabetes to apply under disabled category


The Central Board for Secondary Education this year has given a proposal to club all the CBSE class X and XII students suffering with Type-1 Diabetes to register themselves under a separate category to seek concessions. Last year, the board allowed insulin-dependent students taking classes X and XII board exams to carry sugar tablets, chocolate, candies and water bottles inside the center. These “children need frequent meals to avoid hypoglycemia, which is a danger for life”, the CBSE circular had said.

The concessions were allowed after Dr Ashok Jhingan , chairperson of Delhi Diabetes Research Center, had approached CBSE to consider that such patients needed two to four insulin injections every day to maintain their sugar level and were advised not to have a long break between two meals.

While such problem is not considered as a disability under the  21 disabilities listed under Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2017. Experts said that while such children were not entitled to a disability certificate, this effort might lead to complication later on as the students might demand of additional benefits pertaining to a disable person.




296kg Frenchman down to nearly 230 Kg 5months in SoBo Hospital


Mumbai: Inspired by Eman Ahmed, a 26 year old Frenchman, Kevin Chenais, made Mumbai his home for 5 months after travelling to US and Germany to treat his morbid obesity but in vain, came to this city to achieve his dream. He has dropped almost 60 ks till date.

At 296kg , he couldn’t walk when checked for the first time at Saifee. Now having lost 60 kg he walks with the help of a walker. “ The biggest change has been in the attitude”, said doctor Lakdawala.

“ He now smiles , is less melancholic and flew down to Mumbai after reading about Eman

He was 296Kg and could not walk when he landed in the city on Aug 30, 2017

He underwent gastric bypass surgery when he was 12 yrs ld at Mayo Clinic, US” he added.

When he went to Germany for treatment of lymphedema ( collection of fluid in arms and legs), a doctor suggested him to go to India.

On Monday Kevin said he was happy to be in India. Christine, his mother said, “My son came to India to seek treatment and find acceptance. He wants friends. He feels people in  India smile at him and accept him. He told me Ihad brought him to his ‘country’ at last.




Mumbai Marathon-2018

15 years old and full of running


Sunday, in Mumbai: The Mumbai Marathon (known as the Tata Mumbai Marathon for sponsorship reasons by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)), is an annual international marathon held in Mumbai, India, on the third Sunday of January every year. It is the largest marathon in Asia as well as the largest mass participation sporting event on the continent. It is the richest race.

Solomon Deksisa and Amane Gobena were announced as the fastest athletes in the elite men’s and women’s field respectively with the timing of 02:09:33 and 2:10:00, as the Ethiopian pair chased to victory in the 2018 Tata Mumbai Marathon on Sunday. The  15th edition of Mumbai marathon bought in with it around 44,407 participants from all across the Globe. Amidst the competitive streak and general bonhomie, the event struck a somber note this time as two half marathon runners, had to be rushed to the hospital: one suffered a cardiac arrest and another a stroke, 4 others were hospitalized for severe dehydration.





India begins talks with Russia for Rs 39k Cr missile shield deal


India has now begun plans to setup a final contract negotiations with Russia worth 39k Cr( $5.5 billion) in an effort to buy five advanced S-400 Triumf air defense missile systems which are capable of detecting, tracking and destroying intruders, hostile stereotypes, strategic bombers, stealth fighters , missiles and drones at a range upto 400km and altitude of 30km.


14 foreigners among 18 killed in 14-hr siege at Kabul



KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban’s bloody, 14-hour siege on Intercontinental hotel in hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan, ended on Sunday, after six assailants terrorized much of the city with explosions and gunfire.

The exact number of casualties are not yet known, and the authorities say that it might take days to identify the extent of material damage.

Najib Danish, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry, said that 14 foreigners and four Afghans had been killed in the attack, and that 10 others, including six members of the security forces, had been wounded. Local news outlets put the number of dead at 43.

A guest, Abdul Rauf, 48, said he had run through the halls of the hotel as an armed man was firing and had then taken cover in his room.

“I don’t know if he was the police or a suicide attacker, but he was shooting,” he said by cellphone while hiding under the bed of his hotel room. “Two rooms were on fire and smoke came into my room. I couldn’t breathe until I broke a window with my chair.”

The attack was the second in eight years at the 200-room Intercontinental Hotel, located on top of a hill. The Afghan carrier Kam Air said that six of its employees from Ukraine were killed, along with two from Venezuela.


Among the dead were Afghans including Ahmad Farzan, a 34-year-old religious scholar turned peace activist. Mr. Farzan had left his three young daughters in Kandahar to come to Kabul to teach university classes and

work at the country’s High Peace Council, a body exploring negotiations with the Taliban.

The Taliban, usually quick to claim attacks, did not issue a statement declaring its responsibility for the assault on the Intercontinental Hotel until 14 hours after the siege began. At least two senior Afghan officials said the country’s intelligence agency had received reports that the Haqqani Network, a particularly brutal arm of the Taliban, had planned the attack.





Class XII Boy shoots Haryana Principal-Chandigarh


On Saturday morning the 18 year old left his home telling his parents that he was going to his coaching classes but he instead went to his school. The assailant entered into his Principal’s office on the pretext of making her sign on a form but instead landed up shooting her. The Principal was shot four times, two bullets went straight into her arms , a third hit her in her chest while the fourth went through her head. The Principal, 47 year old Ritu Chhabra of Swami Vivekanand School at Yamunanagar in Haryana, succumbed to her wounds in the hospital later in the day. After shooting the Principal , the boy tried to escape but was caught by his parents who were in the school to attend the parent teacher meeting.

Besides booking the boy for murder, the police also arrested his father, a prominent moneylender of Yamunanagar, whose .32 bore Webley Scott revolver was used by boy to kill Chhabra.

It is said that the 18 year old assailant is believed to have been upset with his Principal for constantly rebuking him for picking up fights with school mates and teachers for his poor academic record.


A 9 year Old Girl rescued from marriage from a 39 year old man


It was an anonymous call to all-women police station (AWPS) that spurred Latha and her team into action in Musiri on Thursday. The caller informed the cops about the talks going on for engaging a girl studying in class IV to a man in his 30s at Minnathampatti village in Thottiyam taluk on the same day. She was studying in a government school in the area.

The inspector and her team rescued the girl from her widowed mother, an agriculture coolie, and handed her over to the child welfare committee (CWC) in the night. The CWC inquiry confirmed that the arrangements were going on for marrying off the little girl.

’’ Preliminary reports showed that there was a proposal for the marriage. The girl is being kept under our care. We are waiting reports in this regard after which we will decide on her future.” said the CWC chairperson to Time of India.

The police inquiry in the village reveled that it was a common practice in their community to fix the marriage of a minor in advance with a groom who was a blood relation.

Arun Jaitley offers pre-Budget ‘halwa’ to Finance Ministry officials


New Delhi: Following the Indian tradition of having something sweet before starting off with something auspicious, the Finance Ministry here on Saturday performed the “halwa” ceremony to mark the commencement of the printing process for 2018-19 Budget.

Budget 2018-19 would be presented by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on February 1. This would be the fifth budget to be presented by Jaitley.

The Union Budget 2018-19 would be the last full budget of the BJP- led NDA government before 2019 General Elections.


 President Kovind approves EC’s recommendation to    disqualify 20 AAP MLAs


New Delhi: On Friday EC wrote to the President to disqualify 20 AAP MLAs from the legislative assembly on ground that they had held office of profit during while occupying the post of parliamentary secretaries between March 13, 2015 and September 8, 2016.

“We had hoped to go to the President asking him to give us a chance ourselves. Now we received this news. AAP will knock the doors of HC and SC of need to be “said the Delhi minister Gopal Rai.

AS the matter of fact the 20 MLAs were disqualified on Sunday for allegedly holding office of profit.

The MLAs who have been axed are Alka Lamba, Adarsh Shastri, Sanjeev Jha, Rajesh Gupta, Kailash Gehlot, Vijendra Garg, Praveen Kumar, Sharad Kumar, Madan Lal Khufiya, Shiv Charan Goyal, Sarita Singh, Naresh Yadav, Rajesh Rishi, Anil Kumar, Som Dutt, Avtar Singh, Sukhvir Singh Dala, Manoj Kumar and Nitin Tyagi.